AWI wants to improve quality of life for 35 children who are currently living in a 2-bedroom house with 1 dilapidated toilet, uncovered water well and in need of income generating project funding.  Land has been purchased and we need to build a permanent functional home with increased capacity – Cost estimate $50,000

Clean water
Reliable and independent provision of clean water (borehole, pump and tank) – Cost estimate $7,000

A generator to supply the necessary electricity during blackouts – Cost estimate $2,500

A commercial stove, commercial refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and a microwave are needed to sustain the big family – Cost estimate $10,500 approximately.  In-kind donations for appliances will be greatly appreciated.

Tuition, uniform and books
Education in Zimbabwe is not free and each child is required to pay tuition at the beginning of each term; uniforms are also required.  The cost for each child to attend school is – Cost tuition estimate $40.00 approximately. Uniform 20.00 Cost estimate – one time purchase per year – (Please sponsor a child)

Nutritional support
Groceries and vitamins- $8,000Cost estimate per year

Medical access support
Medicines, testing, emergency treatment and transportation $3,000Cost estimate per year.

Sustainability Solutions
Besides improving quality of lives in the immediate and short term, AWI’s goal is to assist the orphanages with the permanent solution of self-sustainability through income-generating projects

  • Gardening for consumption and sales – $ 500 onetime donation.
  • Raise Chickens for consumption and sales – $ 3,000 onetime donation. 

HIV testing equipment
Computers are greatly needed by the university HIV research students who cannot afford to purchase one.  Donate your gently used laptop computer today.

Special needs equipment
Donate towards a wheel chair for a special need child

Volunteer your time by participating in Africa Wellness Initiative fundraising drives.  Volunteer to go to Zimbabwe and help build the new home for the orphanage.