Our mission is to provide resources and assist with sustainability measures for wellness partners in the Southern Sub-Saharan Region of Africa that benefit those impacted by HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases. Donations we receive go towards orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTC) and other life threatening diseases programs. Currently, our pilot project is in Zimbabwe, through its success we will extend our services into the other South Sub-Saharan Africa countries. AWI believes that partnering with the community and its leaders, health care workers and available resources is the most effective and powerful vehicle to rapid social change and combating these life threatening diseases. Please join me and AWI and make an impact in Southern Sub-Saharan Africa….let’s start with Zimbabwe in the following areas:

Prevention and Intervention – Currently, 34 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, globally, according to UNAIDS. Africa Wellness Initiative joins the UNAIDS goal in eliminating HIV/AIDS by 2015 (http://www.un.org/en/ecosoc/about/mdg.shtml). AWI believes that Prevention of mother to child transmission has been one of the most effective ways of reducing transmission to unborn babies. We also believe that training children about diseases while they are young is the first step in prevention and intervention. Our strategy in the prevention of HIV/AIDS is by providing resources for clean water and basic hygiene knowledge, nutritious meals, access to drugs and antenatal care.

AWI also provides resources for HIV testing and counseling; prevention of HIV transmission, TB tests, home-based care; and psychosocial support, including peer support. Currently, there are not many laboratories to conduct HIV/AIDS test in Zimbabwe therefore, AWI would like to seek funding to improve laboratories’ functionality. 

Treatment access – AWI provides resources to improve life expectancies for OVCs and their mothers by making transportation available to reach the hospitals or clinics for tests, doctor visits, antenatal care visits and to collect drugs.

Africa Wellness Initiative is an advocate as well as resource for the vulnerable; therefore your donation is greatly appreciated so that we can support our mission.