Do you want to get involved?

Choose an event and send an email to for details.

  • Host a tea party: – Host a mother daughter, father daughter or mother son tea party.
  • Host an October Fest event – Invite your community family and friends.
  • Join our MeetUp  – Join us for one of our MeetUp events, if unable to attend due to distance host a MeetUp to talk about Africa Wellness Initiative mission and encourage members to make a difference by donating to the organization.
  • Spread the word become a foot soldier health – Share Africa Wellness Initiative mission with your friends and family and ask them to visit the website and make a donation (
  • Schedule a presentation at your community gathering – Invite an AWI member to make a presentation.
  • Coordinate a Garage Sale – Tell your neighbors about AWI and how they can help fundraising for orphans and vulnerable children by joining our fundraising efforts.
  • Explore Southern Sub-Sahara – Start with Zimbabwe, take a trip with us and experience VictoriaFalls one of the Seven Wonders of the World and Hwange National Park one of the best safaris to experience in Africa.
  • Think the butterfly effect – reinforce the power of giving by encouraging your friends, co-workers and family this coming Christmas to think of Zimbabwe orphans by donating towards their needs.